Friends, I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen, but it did!

My first TEN POUNDS are finally gone!! If you’re a visual person like me, that’s an entire bag of potatoes. And let me just be real…it’s been quite the battle. We’ve had birthdays, vacations, last-minute plans to be out of town…a myriad of things that cause an eating plan to fall off of its tracks.

I’ve been so far from perfect; I failed at logging in each day on MFP so my streak was broken – many times over, and missed days-worth of walking and riding my bike. So, you can only imagine my excitement this morning when I “decided” to step on the scale and find my focus once again. I thought, for sure, I’d be back up where it all began.

Let me just be clear…at no point did I feel the urge to throw in the towel on all of this. I still hung onto my goals, but dealt with a lot of guilt in my imperfection to staying on my personal plan. However, in hindsight, I am reminded of times where I made some better choices and ate much less than I normally would. I had bites instead of slices, scoops instead of whole pints. I did my best to stay away from starchy foods, and instead focused in on protein, vegetables and fruit. I drank lots and lots of water!

That’s not to say I should just keep going along this way…unfocused and trusting myself to make all the best choices…because tracking my food and exercise is definitely key for my success on this journey. That said, my wandering has helped me to see that sometimes I’m just going to have off days. Sometimes even the best laid plans fail. But what I can see, in this moment, is that my little steps are beginning to make bigger changes even inside of me, where my mind controls so much about my success.

Last night, hubby and I went shopping and loaded up on lots of healthy options. I love that our focus was there…even before I stepped on the scale this morning. So today I’m feeling that much more encouraged about planning and prepping meals for the week ahead. So this morning also serves as a non-scale victory (NSV)…that something good, that goes beyond what the scale shows, is happening inside of me.

It really is a journey…and today, I’m ready to focus in and take on the next goal!

10 lbs potatoes



One thought on “Finally!”

  1. That awesome Cindy. So happy you are getting your focus back! It is a journey for sure! For your whole life. I trying to get myself back on track too. I haven’t gained anything back that I lost (So amazing) but need to get more consistent with my choices.


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